Lectures by Jess

Invited lecture on gravitational wave burst data analysis - Caltech, July 2015

I was invited to give a lecture on the recovery of arbitrary short-duration gravitational wave burst waveforms from the data of terrestrial detectors like LIGO at the Caltech Gravitational Wave Astrophysics School in summer 2015. You can find the lecture notes and exercises on the CGWAS 2015 page.

Invited lectures series on detector characterization - KAIST in Daejeon, Korea, July 2015

I was invited to present three pedagogical lectures on the characterization of the Advanced LIGO gravitational wave detectors to improve the sensitivity of the transient astrophysical analyses and enable confidence source detection and accurate parameter estimation at the 2015 International School on Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Waves. The lectures are available via the LIGO Document Control Center.

Lectures on data analysis techniques - Caltech, July 2016

I lectured students attending the 2016 LIGO Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) program on basic signal processing, discretized functions, frequency transforms, and gravitational wave data analysis techniques.

Public Lectures