The Caltech LIGO data analysis group

Jess is currently a member of the Caltech LIGO Laboratory Astrophysics Group, led by Alan Weinstein. Our group works on a broad array of projects, including searching LIGO and Virgo data for gravitational wave signals, characterizing the LIGO detectors, calibrating LIGO data, investigating noise sources, tests of general relativity, and much more.

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The LIGO Detector Characterization Group

Jess co-chairs the LIGO Detector Characterization group or 'DetChar' group along with Andy Lundgren, a senior lecturer at Portsmouth University, in the U.K. The detector characterization group operates at the nexus between LIGO detector instrumentation and the astrophysical analysis. DetChar is responsible for identifying and mitigating sources of noise that reduce the significance of true gravitational wave signals or could bias accurate estimation of source properties, as well as vetting signal candidates.

The LIGO DetChar group currently consists of roughly 100 researchers from 35 institutions around the world, ranging from undergraduate students to senior professors.

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